Cesspool Locators Hawaii

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Hawaii Cesspool and Sewer Line Locators

Do you know the location of your cesspool or septic tank?

HPL Hawaii has the technology to find your septic tank through the use of our electronic locating devices. These devices can be used to detected sewer pipe, cesspools and ceptic tanks with ease. Our locating devices emits a signal to tell the technicians exactly where the cesspool or tank is located.

Hawaii Private Locators LLC is a local-owned and operated business committed to providing superior service within the cesspool locating and sewer camera industry. We are based out of Honolulu, and proudly serve all the Hawaiian Islands. Our company specializes in cesspool or septic tank locating, sewer line locating, video camera inspection, and several other specialty underground services.

Hawaii Private Locators LLC
PO Box 240893
Honolulu, HI 96824
Office: 808-260-3558


Cesspool Locators Hawaii

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